What shall we need to know about shower door hinges?

Shower Door Hinges are also called Glass Door Hinges. It is used for the installation of glass door to fix glass panel or wall. Shower Door Hinges have the action spring, it can close automatically when being closed at 0 degree or 25 degree. It is usually made of brass, but some other factorier wants to reduce the cost, they choose the stainless steel instead of brass. So that the finish of stainless steel are only polished or satin. If brass, we can produce in many kinds of finish, such as chrome plated, polished chrome, antique brass, antique bronze,gold plate, polished and lacquered, bright brass, nickel plated, black chrome lacquered, brass plated,dull brass plated,polished brass plated, PVD etc. The good quality finish can pass the salty spray, acid testing etc.

However, there are some bad men use the zinc alloy Shower Door Hinges to cheat the consumer and tell them as brass, so that they can earn more money. But the hinge made of zinc will be broken and rusty very easily in 3 months, the worst thing is that you don’t know when the glass door will drop down, because the bearing of the zinc hinge is small, it can not support the 50kg weight door. So we recommend to buy the brass shower door hinges. You don’t worry about the hinge broken, rusty and you won’t worry about the glass door will drop down suddenly, and the finish is much brighter mirror than the zinc. If you are careful enough you will find the difference between them. Once you have the doors installed, you could start thinking about decorating the whole bathroom, by adding a  Painted Oak Vanity Unit with Marble Top you can reach a great environment in the room.

In order to buy the proper shower hinge, you should know the following information:
1. Where will you set up your shower room?
2. Is it needed to connect glass to wall or glass to glass panel?
3. What is the angle between the panels? 90 degree, 135 degree, 180 degree, 360 degree?
4. What is the width of the door and glass panel? the standard is 800mm wide.
5. How heavy does the glass weigh? The shower door hinges can support 50kg.
6. What finish do you need? CP,PP,NP,GP,AB,AC,P&L etc.
7. Which function do you need? fixing or action spring?
8. How many pcs do you need?
9. What shape will match your shower room? square,round,oblong,bevel edged?
If you can solve all the question above, you will go to the next step. It is to ask the glass supplier to mark the drilling hole on the hardened glass. You can check the following pictures for your reference. A-73_SDH-4001- A-74_SDH-4003- A-73_SDH-4002-