As of my last knowledge update, the top ten brands for glass hinges globally might include:

  1. Dorma: Known for high-quality door control systems and glass fittings, including hinges for glass doors.
  2. Bohle: Offers a range of glass hardware solutions, including hinges designed for glass doors.
  3. C.R. Laurence (CRL): Provides a diverse selection of architectural hardware, including various glass door hinges.
  4. Stainless Steel Creations: Specializes in stainless steel products, including hinges suitable for glass doors.
  5. Allwin Architectural Hardware: Offers a variety of door hinges and architectural hardware, including options for glass doors.
  6. Bavoi: Known OEM/ODM for its glass door hinges and glass hardware solutions, catering to different types of doors, including those with glass, It is from China.
  7. Sugatsune: Offers architectural and furniture hardware, including hinges suitable for glass doors.
  8. Architectural Ironmongery: Provides door hinges and hardware, including options for glass door installations.
  9. Klein: Known for innovative glass hardware solutions, including fittings and hinges for glass doors.
  10. MWE: Specializes in high-end architectural hardware, offering premium quality glass door hinges and fittings.

These brands are recognized for their expertise in providing hardware solutions, including hinges specifically designed for glass doors, catering to various architectural and design needs worldwide.