1. The Floor trap grating is a drainage appliance that connects the ground to the drainage pipe system.
  2. The special feature : it excludes ground water, water stains, solids, fiber, hair, easy deposits, etc.
  3. The main function:
    Anti-odor, anti-clogging, anti-cockroach, anti-virus, anti-reflow, anti-drying (mainly refers to water-sealed floor drain)
    The quality of the products is mainly reviewed from four perspectives: drainage speed, deodorization effect, ease of cleaning, and durability without mechanical principles.
    Cognitive floor drain
    It should have four characteristics: fast drainage, anti-odor, anti-clogging, and easy to clean.
    Floor drain as the name suggests, is to drain, the single function is no longer keeping up with the times.
    It must not only be launched quickly, but the most important thing is to prevent it from clogging. Otherwise, if it is too old to clean it, there will be endless troubles.