Shower Door Hinges | The Shower Door Hinge is Made of Solid Imported Brass

Bathroom clamps are also called glass door hinges or bathroom door hinges. They have many advantages such as fashion and beauty, convenient installation, etc. The modern bathroom is prevalent in frameless shower rooms, which has given birth to a batch of glass door hinges and glass hinges. Among them, the most widely used is the bathroom. folder.

  The bathroom clip is also a spring clip, with a spring in the middle of the sandwich, so that it has an automatic return function. The bathroom clip is suitable for use on tempered glass. When the door is closed to about 25 degrees, the door will automatically close.
Bathroom clamps are classified according to materials, including stainless steel, copper and zinc alloy. The bathroom clip made of stainless steel has strong rigidity. The high-quality stainless steel does not require electroplating, so there will be no blistering or mildew for a long time, and the load-bearing capacity is good; the bathroom clip made of copper is bright after electroplating, showing a good grade. Showers in star-rated hotels are mostly used, and the cost is relatively high. Zinc alloy bathroom clamps also need electroplating, and the surface is very similar to copper, but the cost is much lower, but the electroplating is not good, the surface is prone to blistering, and the alloy’s load-bearing capacity It is also relatively poor, and it is prone to brittle fracture.

The shower door hinge is made of solid imported brass, the finish is nickel and chrome plated.90 degrees,135 degrees,180 degrees,360 degrees are available.