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bathroom glass clamps are rich in materials and types. According to the materials, there are stainless steel, copper and zinc alloys. The bathroom glass clamps of various materials include solid, stolen and welded bathroom glass clamps. The prices of bathroom glass clamps of different types and materials are of course different. Here is a selection to introduce you:
(1) Stainless steel bathroom clamp
Stainless steel bathroom glass clamps are the most common, and the market price ranges from more than 10 to 100 yuan, and the price difference is very large. Stainless steel is mainly divided into national standard #304 and #201, #202 these kinds. Its Chinese standard #304 stainless steel is of the best quality, has high hardness and is not easy to break, the steel is excellent and not easy to rust, and has the advantages that #201 and 202 are incomparable. Moreover, high-quality stainless steel does not need electroplating treatment, so it will not rust for a long time, and the load-bearing capacity is good. BAVOI insists on producing high-quality #304 stainless steel bathroom glass clamps. Never use #201/202 stainless steel as shoddy to deceive customers. .
The stainless steel bathroom clamp is divided into hollow and solid. Solid stainless steel bathroom glass clamps are more expensive than those stainless steel bathroom glass clamps because they are full of materials and can withstand better than stolen or welded stainless steel bathroom glass clamps. Solid and hollow are relatively easy to distinguish, and can be detected by weighing. BAVOI’s bathroom glass clamps are all solid bathroom glass clamps, which are by no means less expensive, ensuring the quality of the goods.
(2) bathroom glass clips made of copper
In the bathroom clamp market, the other most commonly used material is copper. The market price of copper bathroom glass clamps is about 30-80 yuan, and customized high-quality copper bathroom glass clamps reach more than one hundred yuan.
The bathroom glass clips made of copper material is very high-grade due to its bright or brushed texture after electroplating, and the copper material never rusts, has a long anti-oxidation time, can ensure a longer service life of the bathroom glass clips, and has a high recycling value. Therefore, the price of high-quality copper bathroom glass clamps is more expensive than stainless steel bathroom glass clamps. BAVOI1’s 15 years of production and export experience found that countries in Europe and the United States prefer to use copper bathroom glass clamps to make their shower rooms or glass products more advanced. However, many nominal all-copper bathroom glass clipss on the market are sold at very low prices, and most of them choose non-standard copper materials, which generally contain a high proportion of zinc. Therefore, such so-called copper bathroom glass clamps have poor surface treatment and poor load-bearing capacity, and there is a risk of breakage. The copper materials used by BAVOI have dedicated purchasing quality inspectors from the time of purchase to ensure the high quality of the copper, which is deeply loved by European and American customers.
(3) Zinc alloy bathroom clamp
Zinc alloy bathroom glass clipss are also a relatively common material, and the market price is about 25 yuan or less.
The zinc alloy bathroom glass clips also needs electroplating, and the surface is very similar to copper, but the cost is much lower. The electroplated surface is prone to blistering and star points, and the alloy has a poor load-bearing capacity and is prone to brittle fracture. Therefore, the market price of zinc alloy bathroom glass clamps is very cheap, but its effect and service life cannot be compared with stainless steel bathroom glass clamps and copper bathroom glass clamps. Zinc alloy bathroom glass clamps have been basically eliminated by the market, and BAVOI has rarely produced bathroom glass clamps of this material. Most customers choose stainless steel and copper.