Stainless steel grip bar manufacturers for bathroom[BH-005,BH-006,BH-007,BH-008]

Stainless steel grip bar bathrom handrail manufacturers for bathroom[BH-005,BH-006,BH-007,BH-008]

Advantages of stainless steel bathroom handrails
Rugged, streamlined design, simple and practical.
Strong stability, high density, heavy weight, no peeling, no fading after electroplating and polishing, and it is not easy to rust in a humid environment, not easy to age, and the overall structure is not loose.
Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, strong stability, no fading, anti-wear function, good bonding force.
The surface is plated with bright chrome, the texture is perfect, the coating has strong bonding force, no rust, no peeling. It has high-strength anti-corrosion and anti-wear functions, good adhesion, uniform coating, thick visual perception, and the surface color is as bright as a mirror.


How to maintain bathroom handrails
(1) Always open windows: Develop the habit of opening doors and windows frequently, which will not only keep the air in the bathroom unblocked, but also help your family’s health and absorb more fresh air.
(2) Wipe often: The surface of the bathroom armrest should be wiped with a soft cotton cloth and clean water frequently to ensure a bright luster. Never use corrosive acid-base solutions, and try not to clean it with detergent.
(3) Anti-corrosion: If we usually decorate, we must not let paint get on the bathroom handrail, because paint has a great corrosive effect on the coating on the surface of the bathroom handrail. There are many detergents with frequently changing formulas on the market. It is recommended that you do not buy them. They may also cause serious damage to the bathroom armrests. Many bleaching agents, detergents, and vinegar contain a lot of acidic substances, which have a strong corrosive effect, and it is not recommended to use them.
How to clean bathroom handrails
(1) Use clean water: scrub the bathroom handrails with clean water and dry them with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaners, cloth or paper towels, and any acid-containing cleaners, polishing abrasives or cleaners or soaps. Wipe the surface of the bathroom armrest.
(2) Wipe with soft cloth: The long-term residual chrome-plated surface of various detergents and shower gels used in ordinary times will degrade the surface gloss of the bathroom armrest and directly affect the surface quality. Please clean the surface of the bathroom armrest with a soft cloth at least once a week, preferably with a neutral detergent.
(3) Use mild detergent: For stubborn dirt, surface scale film and stains that are difficult to remove, please use mild liquid detergent, colorless glass cleaning fluid or polishing fluid without abrasion effect, and then clean it in Wash the bathroom handrails with clean water and dry them with a soft cotton cloth.
(4) Use toothpaste and soap: You can use a pure cotton damp cloth coated with toothpaste and soap, wipe it gently, and then wash it with water.
(5) Use wax oil: You can use wax oil with strong decontamination ability and apply it on a clean white cotton cloth to thoroughly clean the whole product. The cycle is generally 3 months, which can extend the life of the bathroom armrest. Remember to wipe off the water stains after each cleaning, otherwise water stains and dirt may appear on the surface of the pendant.

Bathroom handrail use and installation
(1) Straight installation of the armrest: first drill holes on the wall, then put the armrest on and tighten the screws with an electric drill. If there is a right angle, you can cut the 45° angle butt, which can be direct or mitered, using AB glue Stick it on, then tighten it with a screw.
(2) Interface treatment: if it is straight, you only need to cut it with an iron, and then it can be connected. If it is rotating, it needs to be cut along the arc of the wrought iron, then use AB glue and mix with the handrail powder to grind out with a manual grinding wheel. After the interface is dry, smooth it with 360 grit sandpaper and follow the armrest.

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