hotel surface mounted paper holders with ash tray manufacturers

The toilet paper holder is one of the indispensable bathroom hardware in the bathroom. Many people think that the installation of the toilet paper holder only needs to be hung on the wall. In fact, this is not the case. Although such a small bathroom hardware, it must be considered when installing. If it is inconvenient to install too high or too low, how to determine the installation height of the toilet paper holder?
What is the size of the toilet paper box:
What is the size of the toilet paper box, we generally also look at whether it is a public toilet or a household toilet. If it is a public toilet, the size of the toilet paper box must be much larger than the home toilet paper box. The toilet paper box of a public toilet is average. The size is 30cm*40cm. This size is really good for placing large rolls of paper. If the toilet paper box used in public toilets is small, you will face the trouble of frequent lack of paper, which will undoubtedly increase the workload. So what is the general size of a household toilet paper box? It is generally 30cm*16cm*6cm. This size is just enough to effectively place small household roll papers, and it will not waste. If a toilet paper box as big as a public toilet is placed in the home, it is beautiful The degree above is definitely not enough.

hotel surface mounted paper holders manufacturers

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