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Sliding door system component parts manufacturer[GFK-301,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10]
Brand: BAVOI
Item No:

Material: brass or stainless steel 304
Finish: Polish or satin, PVD,BRASS plated,GOLD plated
Function: glass to glass,glass to wall,rising
Size: 90*55mm,110×82, 4mm or 5mm thickness.
Weight of door: 50kgs
Times Fatigue: above 100,000 times
MOQ: 30pcs
Notes: Available for 8-12mm toughened glass.
not pre-glued inside, mickey mouse cut gusket
Delivery: Wthin 15-25 days after received payment
Quality Control: PMC Product Material Control
QC: Material stock test, Semi-finished test control and finished products final test.


The main accessories of the shower room are as follows:
1. Sliding system

The first is the frame edge, which is now divided into two materials: aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Compared with aluminum alloy, stainless steel is acid and alkali resistant and has better quality, so it is slightly more expensive. But not all stainless steels are of high-end quality. For example, domestic 201 and 202 products are also very prone to rust. At least 304 can be used to resist rust. BAVOI specializes in the production of 304, 316 stainless steel shower sliding door system accessories for more than 10 years, and is deeply loved by European and American high-end customers.
2. Tempered glass

Tempered glass is determined by the quality of the frame. Good stainless steel can withstand 10mm and 12mm thick tempered glass, generally good aluminum alloy can withstand 8mm thick glass, but the frame with poor force can only withstand 5mm and 6mm thick glass. In the choice of toughened glass, automotive-grade glass has better toughness, with a transparent surface without particles and pinholes. There is also easy clean glass. When shampoo and body soap adhere to it, it will slide down like water drops. It will not be used for a long time like ordinary tempered glass, and it will accumulate into a layer of gray. dirt.
3. Water retaining stone

There are two types of retaining stones: artificial and natural. Natural stone is suitable for use in bathrooms that have already been paved with floor tiles; while artificial stone has no seams and is not easy to remain debris, it is more suitable for use in rough decoration.

4. Orbit

The track is also an important technical activity when purchasing a shower room. When many shower rooms have problems in the later use, it is the fault of the pulley. Many pulleys are covered with nylon jackets, but there are things inside. Therefore, it is best to choose 304, 316 stainless steel pulleys, and secondly choose copper.

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