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The difference between stair railings and handrails

After looking at the stairs that have been used for so many years, many friends still don’t know the difference between the stair railing and the stair railing. Some people even combine the two directly into one, the railing is the handrail, and the handrail is the railing. But what are the facts? Railings and handrails are both important parts of the staircase, and they are not the same concept. What is the difference between a stair railing and a handrail?

Stair railings

Railing usually refers to the pillars standing on the ground or on the base on both sides of the stairs. It is an accessory that supports and connects all the accessories of the stairs. Railings play two roles. One is to make people go up and down the stairs safer and to reduce the risk of falling down the stairs; the other is to make the entire staircase work normally.

Stair handrail

The handrail is a common pole located at the top of the railing. Generally, it is more horizontally, and it is also bent in some positions. In simpler terms, when you go up and down the stairs, the part you are holding on is the handrail. Handrails are the longest part where people have physical contact with stairs.

Handrails also have two functions, one is to ensure that the railing can stand upright and protect the railing, and the other is to allow people to use force when going up and down the stairs.

The difference between handrails and railings

To say that the difference between the two is really not without. One is that the positions of the two are different, and the handrail is on the top of the railing; the other is that the function is different, whether it is for the stairs itself or for the people who use the stairs, the main function of the handrail is to protect and save effort, and the role of the railing is to support; The third is that the processing technology of the two is different, the railing needs to be drilled and welded to complete the installation, and the handrail is integrated and assembled without welding;

In addition, the handrails and railings are complementary to each other, and the two complement each other and complement each other, urging the stairs to fulfill their mission.

Custom stair handrail China manufacturer factory

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