custom pvc seals

Bavoi is a manufacturer of custom PVC seals. Bavoi is a brand that specializes in glass shower door seal replacements. While they offer a wide variety of high-quality shower door seal strips and rubber seals, there is no indication that they manufacture or customize PVC seals. If you are looking for a custom PVC seal manufacturer, please let me know, and I will be happy to assist you.


Bavoi PVC seals
Shower enclosure function: keep the water away from the shower and make it dry.
Material: PVC, PE etc
Length option: 2000mm,2200mm, 2300mm,2500mm or your custom size
Glass thickness: 6,8,10,12mm etc
Finish option: white,black,red etc.
Door type: Glass door, shower door etc.
Logo: your logo or no need.
Catalogue product code: TSS-015,TSS-016,TSS-019
Delivery via: UPS, DHL etc.
Minium quantity: 1 pc

Other notes: Most weights of bavoi pvc seals are approximate and are not verified. If the exact weight is needed, it is just to determine the shipping fee and need you to finish your order. You have better contact Bavoi Customer Service.


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