Bavoi Group Co. is a glass hardware manufacturing company that provides a range of hardware fittings such as glass clamps, shower hinges, and sliding door systems.

Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, China – Bavoi has been one of the top choices for many hotels around the world as their glass hardware provider. On top of the extensive list are exclusive hotels like Marriott, Four Seasons, and the Ritz which automatically contribute towards defining the high quality of hardware products that Bavoi has to offer.

The management at Bavoi believes that their products are a much better replacement for the top hardware brands out there. Their glass clamps, shower door hinges, and locking ladder pulls provide unparalleled quality and aesthetic with the guarantee of being a sturdy long-term product. Due to their unmatched customer support and superior quality, Bavoi is trusted and recommended for top hotel and glass projects making it one of the most sought-after hardware brands globally.

Bavoi offers a versatile range of glass hardware that can give the place a very unique and luxurious feel. Their range of shower glass clamps is suitable for all types of shower configurations including glass on glass designs and wall to glass structures. The glass clamps are all made with brass and are coated in the best chrome plating along with a full range of other coatings including black, gold, and brass clamps for a modern take on frameless glass designs.

Other than this, Bavoi’s full range of easy-fit shower door hinges in various styles suits many different kinds of shower doors and enclosures. With a curated selection of color finishes, clients have a lot of options to choose from. Locking ladder pulls bring a very noticeable change when mounted to a heavy frameless shower enclosure. The extra height, when compared to typical shower door pull handles, makes for a unique appearance and contemporary design. Bavoi manufactures several distinct ladder pull models in numerous different finishes. There’s a handle to complement the decor of almost any shower door, and each one is constructed of only the most excellent materials.

All their products are of higher quality in terms of finish and durability when compared to other imported products of similar nature. What makes them better than their competitor is their very strict quality control assurance system. The finish of the shower door hinges, glass door hinges, and glass clamp is nickel-plated, and also available in matte black, chrome, and gold. Bovoi products can pass salt spray testing and acid testing to prove their durability and quality in terms of longevity. The materials used include copper brass, stainless steel, and aluminum which makes their products last over 5-10 years. Whether it is a door hinge or a glass clamp, clients can rest assured that it will be easy-to-install and will serve its purpose beautifully for many years.

Contact Information:

Contact Person Name: Dan Cheong

Company: Bavoi Group Co., Ltd


Phone: 0086-750-3392952

Address: No.109, Golden Industrial,Fazhan Rd.

City: Jiangmen

State: Guangdong Province

Country: China