1. If the package is opened between the door frame and the wall, carefully check whether the product and spare parts are intact.
  2. Take out the door frame and place the front of the material as far as possible to avoid scratches. It is best to cover the floor with cardboard or carpet.
  3. Put the upper hanging wheels into the upper chute in the correct order, assemble the frame and the horizontal frame correctly and tighten them with half-section self-tapping screws (the seams must be flat). Special note: You must pay attention to the arrangement of the upper pulleys to avoid rework.
  4. Put the assembled door frame into the door hole. First, hang the left and right door frame side seals horizontally and vertically, punch and position them, and fix them with expansion screws. (The screws should not be fixed too tightly for fine-tuning when installing the door leaf). The gap is too large. Use a thin plate or other object to stuff it inside.
  5. If there is a transom, it should be horizontal and vertical. The square should be on the upper guide rail, and the holes should be fixed with expansion screws (if the wall gap is too large, use thin wood to fix it). After installing the transom, the sliding groove on the door The lower slot frame of the transom is fixed with screws, and the door leaf without transom is directly drilled at the appropriate position of the upper chute with a drill and fastened with a top wire. (Do not tighten the top wire too tightly, so that the next step can be fine-tuned as a whole).
  6. Adjust the whole door frame to the left and right, up and down to the same plane and keep it vertical, and then tighten all the screws.
  7. Check whether the pulleys are at the same height and consistent with the height of the site. If they are equal, the door leaf can be hung. If they do not match, adjust to the appropriate position and then hung the door leaf (note: the correct direction of the front and back of the door leaf)
  8. After the door leaf is hung up, adjust the level of the upper pulley again, and prepare to install the positioning wheel after the sliding effect and the lock are correct.
  9. Under the natural vertical state of the door, determine the installation position of the door leaf positioning wheel, draw the line, remove the door leaf, and fix the positioning wheel according to the correct screw of the positioning wheel. (Note: The door leaf positioning wheel must be installed on the center line of the groove under the door leaf, and the two ends should be inclined about 2mm according to the actual situation. The screw holes for drilling the ground are best to use the drill bit of the glass hole opener to prevent breaking the tiles).
  10. Hang the door leaf and check whether the gap between the two doors from top to bottom is even. If it is not uniform, fine-tune it to a suitable position and test the level of the door leaf, the sliding effect and the smooth and safe opening of the lock, etc., until everything reaches the best effect. Remove the door leaf, tighten the positioning wheel screw, hang the door leaf again, and tighten the upper sliding wheel positioning adjustment screw.
  11. The installation is basically completed, all holes are covered with plugs, and self-spraying wax is sprayed on the upper sliding wheels, locks and other positions to reduce noise and increase slippage, and clean the surface and surrounding hygiene.