In 2023, for foreign trade enterprises, is it worthwhile to attend overseas exhibitions in terms of revenue and cost? Is the recovery rate of cost high? What are the advantages of attending exhibitions in which countries?

Firstly, going to overseas exhibitions can bring many benefits to foreign trade enterprises. For example, they can establish connections with potential customers, promote their products, build their brand image, get orders, and understand market trends. These benefits can help enterprises better expand their market, improve their brand awareness, understand their customer needs and increase their enterprise income.

However, there are also certain costs for attending overseas exhibitions. For example, there are exhibition booth fees, transportation fees, accommodation fees, and other costs. If these costs are too high or the exhibition effect is not good enough, the revenue from the exhibition may not cover these costs. Therefore, we need to make a balance between the revenue and the cost.

In addition, how fast the cost can be recovered depends on specific circumstances. For some enterprises, they may be able to recover their costs quickly after the exhibition. However, for some others, they may need more time. This mainly depends on the enterprise’s product characteristics, the size of the target market, market competition situation, and exhibition effect.

For example, Paris International Aerospace Exhibition in France is the world’s largest aerospace exhibition. Deutsche Messe in Germany has large-scale and influential exhibitions too. Dusseldorf International Printing Packaging Exhibition is the world’s largest printing and packaging exhibition. And Salão Internacional de Alimentação & Bebidas (SIAB) in Brazil is Latin America’s largest food and beverage exhibition. These exhibitions are important exhibitions in their respective fields with large scale and influence. Attending these exhibitions can have a significant impact on expanding market share and improving brand awareness for enterprises.