If the package is opened between the door frame and the wall, carefully check whether the product and spare parts are intact. Take out the door frame and place the front of the material as far as possible to avoid scratches. It is best to cover the floor with cardboard or carpet. Put the upper.. read more →

Bavoi Group Co. is a glass hardware manufacturing company that provides a range of hardware fittings such as glass clamps, shower hinges, and sliding door systems. Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, China – Bavoi has been one of the top choices for many hotels around the world as their glass hardware provider. On top of the extensive list.. read more →

When installing a glass shower door, they usually require special kind of hinges; some of them are listed below 90 degree door hinge: As the name suggests they can open at maximum angle of 90 degrees. Normally two hinges are required per door. It is recommended to use toughened glass while using these hinges. 110 degree.. read more →

02 Nov 2013
November 2, 2013

2013-2014 catalogue download

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You can review or download the catalogue at this link:  2013-2014 stair handrail and fencing 2013-2014 Bavoi glass hardware catalogue. 2014-2015 Bavoi Sliding Door System read more →

¿Qué vamos a necesitar saber sobre bisagras de la puerta de vidrio? Bisagras de puerta de la ducha también se llaman bisagras de puerta de cristal. Se utiliza para la instalación de puerta de cristal para fijar el panel de vidrio o de la pared. Bisagras de puerta de la ducha tienen la primavera de.. read more →