What shall we need to offer?

Top Glass Conference & Expo is one of the most important events in Canada’s glass industry. It happens every year in late May, right here in Toronto. It’s the perfect opportunity for industry folks to connect, learn, and showcase their glass products. Here are some more deets:


  • When: Late May every year, eh!
  • Where: Toronto Congress Centre
  • Who: Glass manufacturers, suppliers, product makers, and distributors, plus curtain wall designers, architects, and building consultants
  • Size: A whopping 8,000 square meters
  • Stuff on display: Toughened glass, laminated glass, single-sheet glass, insulating glass, self-cleaning glass, and all kinds of smart glass products.


  • You gotta be in the biz to get in on this expo, and your stuff needs to be related to glass.
  • You gotta fill out some company info, like where you’re from, your name, and what your products are all about.
  • You gotta give us a detailed list of your exhibits and specs.
  • You gotta register ahead of time and pay for your booth.
  • You gotta follow the rules and make sure your products are up to snuff with the laws and standards of the exhibition.

Cost: Exhibit fees vary depending on the booth size and services you want. Usually, the costs cover your booth, basic decoration, catalog registration, and services provided by the organizers. Check out the official website or get in touch with us to get the skinny on specific fees.

In summary, Top Glass Conference & Expo is the best way to get to know the top dogs in the glass industry and explore all the sweet ways glass is used in modern architecture. So don’t be a hoser, get your glass on and join the action!