Our factory has taken the lead in identifying your need to have locking options while desiring security. We deeply value the importance of craftsmanship, quality, operation and long-term performance to our offering of locking ladder pulls. Similar to our selection of Large Format Locking Ladder Pulls (LFIC) we carry extensive inventory on a variety of small format locking ladder pulls (SFIC) in an array of sizes for immediate shipment.

  • Small format interchangeable core (SFIC) locking ladder pulls are the original standard in commercial office space security. Arrow, Best, Corbin, Schlage or Sargent; tell us your desired core/cylinder and we will prepare your locking ladder pull with the exact interchangeable core housing to accommodate.
  • Standard stock in two architectural finishes: BSS (US32D) and MBLK (US19)
  • Available in additional finishes: PSS (US32), Titanium Black, and ORB (US10B)
  • Custom Finishes available per request
  • Available Rim Housing: Schlage, Best, Arrow, and Corbin
  • Complete complementing washers & spring loaded floor receiver
  • Top and/or bottom locking configuration available
  • Lever or thumb-turn actuator options – dual top and bottom locking configurations available
  • 304 Alloy Stainless Steel Body and Tube
  • Constructed in a custom “Lite” design, less weight – same integrity

For reference, please check the following project pictures: SFIC locking ladder pulls>>>

bavoi-sfic-locking-ladder-pull-60-round-BSS-2 bavoi-SFIC-locking-ladder-pulls-60in3-round-bss bavoi-SFIC-locking-ladder-pulls-60-round-BSS