• Glass office wall solution supplier

    Glass office wall solution supplier

    We design, supply the glass hardware for commercial application
  • Custom door pull handles manufacturer

    Custom door pull handles manufacturer

    custom handles for hotel,building,house etc.
  • Shower Door Hinges

    Shower Door Hinges

    Solid Imported Brass,Nickel Chrome plated,Passing Salty spray testing,Double Action Spring,Automatically close.
  • Glass Door Hinges

    Glass Door Hinges

    90 degree,135 degree,180 degree,360 degree option.Wall to glass,glass to glass,adjustable option.

Custom door pull handles

At Bavoi Glass Systems we have the capability to manufacturer custom commercial door pulls for all our All style glass doors. Simply provide us with your commercial door handle design and we will take care of the rest. Bavoi custom commercial pulls will offer an elegant and unique touch to your entrance door system. Our custom pulls are available in a variety of finishes, mixed colors, diameters, sizes and shapes. The degree of difficulty of the custom pulls is not a problem for Bavoi. Curved, S-shaped, Tubular or Geometric shapes…we’ll accept the challenge!

Locking ladder pulls

We carry stock on a variety of Large Format locking ladder pulls (LFIC) and Small Format locking ladder pulls (SFIC).
A key component for our team has been to educate and effectively communicate to our clients, architects and installers, specific details pertaining to locking ladder pulls. To eliminate the concern and confusion around choices for Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC) and Large Format Interchangeable Core (LFIC), we have standardized the locking ladder pull design to accept either, with ease

Glass Door Hinges

The material of Glass Door Hinges is solid Korean brass. We can make all kinds of finish for your demand, such as Nickel plated, Chrome Plated, P&L, S&L, PVD, Gold plated. We have round,sharp,square,rectangle etc design.

Shower Door Hinges

The Shower Door hinges is suitable for 8-12mm thick and 800mm wide. The door will be closed automatically when being closed to about 25 degrees.It is used to connect the wall and glass or glass and glass. It has adjustable or flexible option.